Saturday, February 20, 2010

Coming out of the closet

Someone told me that closets are for clothes, not meant for humans to stay in. I thought, well, if that is what "a closet" literally means, then yes, that's right. A cabinet, indeed! But in the true sense of human ways of lives, a closet means an entirely different thing. It is an adjective, which means, in figurative term, a secret, a "place" for people to "hide" in. Referring this to people who are gay and usually stay secretive that way, this word has been in common usage exclusively for people like us (or PLU, a less derogatory term for gay) who wish to go low-profile.

For some of us, coming out of the closet isn't really as simple as "walking out of the closet" and announce "Hey World! I am GAY!". A few people can cope with it, But others can't. I have dealt with this before, and I can tell you dealing with it can be extremely painful, psychologically speaking. My parents found out I like guys when they caught me "doing something" while ogling at muscular top-nude guys on magazine covers and newspaper cuttings. The thing is, I did not come out voluntarily, rather I came out of the closet by freaky "sticky" situations like that.

Of course, they were unhappy with me at that time, but heck, that was years ago. My dad screamed at me, and I knew my mum was crying, in her heart. It broke their hearts to know that their son was somewhat abnormal in their eyes. "Abnormal" till today. Things like this I wish to forget, but what the heck, it stays on my mind like glue till today.

I didn't know what more to say after that, but I guessed it wasn't nice to come out that way. The fact is, dealing with it is really psychologically stressful. Before you decide to come out, please think twice. Don't regret after coming out. My two cents worth of advice. Good luck.

The Resurrected One,
Reszurrecdito M. d'Saintner


the happy go lucky one said...

i guess it must b pretty difficult for u and ur parent under that involuntary coming out. mayb u can look at it at more positive way, at least u dun have to plan for the major coming out to them anymore :P
im still very much in the closet. not sure if the coming out would b a choice for me or not.

C'est la vie said...

It's never easy to come out I guess. No parents are ready to know that their child is homosexual. :(