Saturday, February 20, 2010

When I first write blogs...

I don't think my first priority or purpose of writing blogs is to gain attention. NO! HECK NO! Neither will attention seeking be my second or third or whatever priorities. IT NEVER WILL BE! Some people thought that I am a devilish diva trying to gain attention by writing blogs! This is ridiculous. I never thought blogs are for gaining attention! They are meant for bloggers to channel their thoughts or feelings!

When I first write blogs, my intention is to pen down my thoughts and feelings and at the same time, disseminate knowledege far and wide. Of course, it comes with my support and some advice for the gay community or the PLU community. The thoughts that I write are either purely from my point of view, my imaginations or inspirations from other people. There are times when I write blogs when I feel frustrated or feeling depressed. Ages ago, I had started written a blog before because of the latter. But it got lost somewhere after I was too lazy updating it and later found out that it became a Spanish blog. I found it amazing that this afternoon, the blog name wasn't what I had named it previously. It was hacked!

Anyway, when I write my blogs, here are the rules I abide:
(a) There is no element of attention seeking. I don't need anyone's attention to write blogs. I can write blogs on my own!
(b) My writings are solely my responsibility; there may be controversial issues I want to discuss here.
(c) My opinions are solely mine, not others; nobody represents me writing this blog of mine.
(d) My imaginations of story writing is purely mine, unless I state that it is written based on a true story.
(e) My thoughts are my thoughts; these represent the contents of the author's thoughts.
(f) I have feelings, and when I wish to blog them down; this blog merely serves as a platform for the author to express his feelings, NOT a platform to gain sympathy or attention!

Those of you who think that I write for attention, think again. That is never my purpose or intention when I first write my blog. I will let you know now that my pure intention is to pen down my thoughts here. Nothing else. I follow by my own blogging rules.

You think I blog for attention? THINK AGAIN!

The Resurrected One,
Reszurrecdito M. d'Saintner


Paul J said...

darling, why would you even care what other people think or say? let me lent you a phrase for you to tell those people "unless is me who fucking you, otherwise it's none of your business!"

ichimaru akira said...

Cheers mate


lolz to paul J :P

Koala Express said...

paul is so darling, where he go also darling. wahaha... i used to write as wat u mention. sometimes it died off n find the flames again. hope ur doing fine darling. :P