Friday, February 19, 2010

The boy who died a slow death - part 1

The sun was shining brightly early in the morning. It was one of the most beautiful days for Joe, and also one of the most blessed days he ever had. Joe would be a dad soon, as he was waiting outside for the good news. The doctor came out to break good news to him. The baby was a boy. Joe and Mary were overjoyed to have the first child, well, not to only mention they were very much excited at being new mum and dad too. The boy was named Samuel.

Time flied by quickly. Samuel was already 2 years old and he started to walk, even though he often crawled as toddler often did. Joe often labelled his son as "the lazy-bummy Sam who does not like to walk", to the amusement of Mary.

Sammy, as he was also affectionately called by his parents, often run around the house and made a lot of noise. He once pulled the dinner table cloth one evening and caused all the dishes to fall off the table together with the dishes in it. The boy got dirty all over and was given a good scolding and spanking from Mary. And she had to cook all over again. Naughty Little Sammy, that's what Mary called his son.

There was another time his dad had to run around the house behind his son, because his son would climb on just about anything near the fan and light switches to turn them on. Having done that, the little boy jumped off and ran into another room to switch on the other fans and lights. The frantic Joe had to run behind Sammy just to make sure he didn't hurt himself and to switch off the fans and lights in the rooms. The now 3-year-old boy really did give his parents hard time, but Joe and Mary didn't mind him being so active and so naughty.

But happy moments for them turned out to be very short indeed. Something unexpectedly bad happened one day. It was on a wet day.

Mary drove off in her 10 year-old car to the grocery shop at the nearby town by herself to buy some groceries, while Joe took turn that day to look after Sammy. An accident was about to happen. A black dog was running across the street all of a sudden. Mary was only driving at about 35 mph when she suddenly applied an emergency brake upon seeing the dog dashing out so suddenly.

To avoid hitting the dog, she swerved, but unfortunately the car skidded and hit a nearby tree with a loud thump. The impact was so great that her chest was pushed so violently to the steering wheel; her ribs punctured her left lung and her heart. She was rushed to the hospital but died on the way due to excessive internal bleeding.

The tragedy had changed the lives of Joe and Sammy forever. Sammy was still young, but he knew one thing, he would never be able to see his mom again. His mom had returned home to be with LORD God.

He would often cry "Where is my mummy? Where is my mummy?". Joe kept silent, mourning for the death of his beloved wife.

Months after the tragic death, Sammy began to develop movement problems and body weakness. For Joe, the tragedy hadn't ended just yet. It was only the beginning.

The Resurrected One,
Reszurrecdito M. d'Saintner

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