Sunday, April 11, 2010

Verse of the Week (Psalm 1:3)

He is like a tree planted by streams of water,
which yields its fruit in season
and whose leaf does not wither.
Whatever he does prospers.

The Resurrected One,
Reszurrecdito M. d'Saintner

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Verse of the Week (Psalm 1:2)

But his delight is in the law of the LORD,
and on his law he meditates day and night.
The Resurrected One,
Reszurrecdito M. d'Saintner

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Verse of the Week (Psalm 1:1)

Blessed is the man
who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked
or stand in the way of sinners
or sit in the seat of mockers.
The Resurrected One,
Reszurrecdito M. d'Saintner.

Monday, March 8, 2010

鄧 麗 君 - 甜 蜜 蜜

A sweet song from Teresa Teng... enjoy!

The Resurrected One,
Reszurrecdito M. d'Saintner.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Have Found My Peaceful Love Because Of Him

The Resurrected One,
Reszurrecdito M. d'Saintner

Saturday, February 20, 2010

When I first write blogs...

I don't think my first priority or purpose of writing blogs is to gain attention. NO! HECK NO! Neither will attention seeking be my second or third or whatever priorities. IT NEVER WILL BE! Some people thought that I am a devilish diva trying to gain attention by writing blogs! This is ridiculous. I never thought blogs are for gaining attention! They are meant for bloggers to channel their thoughts or feelings!

When I first write blogs, my intention is to pen down my thoughts and feelings and at the same time, disseminate knowledege far and wide. Of course, it comes with my support and some advice for the gay community or the PLU community. The thoughts that I write are either purely from my point of view, my imaginations or inspirations from other people. There are times when I write blogs when I feel frustrated or feeling depressed. Ages ago, I had started written a blog before because of the latter. But it got lost somewhere after I was too lazy updating it and later found out that it became a Spanish blog. I found it amazing that this afternoon, the blog name wasn't what I had named it previously. It was hacked!

Anyway, when I write my blogs, here are the rules I abide:
(a) There is no element of attention seeking. I don't need anyone's attention to write blogs. I can write blogs on my own!
(b) My writings are solely my responsibility; there may be controversial issues I want to discuss here.
(c) My opinions are solely mine, not others; nobody represents me writing this blog of mine.
(d) My imaginations of story writing is purely mine, unless I state that it is written based on a true story.
(e) My thoughts are my thoughts; these represent the contents of the author's thoughts.
(f) I have feelings, and when I wish to blog them down; this blog merely serves as a platform for the author to express his feelings, NOT a platform to gain sympathy or attention!

Those of you who think that I write for attention, think again. That is never my purpose or intention when I first write my blog. I will let you know now that my pure intention is to pen down my thoughts here. Nothing else. I follow by my own blogging rules.

You think I blog for attention? THINK AGAIN!

The Resurrected One,
Reszurrecdito M. d'Saintner

Coming out of the closet

Someone told me that closets are for clothes, not meant for humans to stay in. I thought, well, if that is what "a closet" literally means, then yes, that's right. A cabinet, indeed! But in the true sense of human ways of lives, a closet means an entirely different thing. It is an adjective, which means, in figurative term, a secret, a "place" for people to "hide" in. Referring this to people who are gay and usually stay secretive that way, this word has been in common usage exclusively for people like us (or PLU, a less derogatory term for gay) who wish to go low-profile.

For some of us, coming out of the closet isn't really as simple as "walking out of the closet" and announce "Hey World! I am GAY!". A few people can cope with it, But others can't. I have dealt with this before, and I can tell you dealing with it can be extremely painful, psychologically speaking. My parents found out I like guys when they caught me "doing something" while ogling at muscular top-nude guys on magazine covers and newspaper cuttings. The thing is, I did not come out voluntarily, rather I came out of the closet by freaky "sticky" situations like that.

Of course, they were unhappy with me at that time, but heck, that was years ago. My dad screamed at me, and I knew my mum was crying, in her heart. It broke their hearts to know that their son was somewhat abnormal in their eyes. "Abnormal" till today. Things like this I wish to forget, but what the heck, it stays on my mind like glue till today.

I didn't know what more to say after that, but I guessed it wasn't nice to come out that way. The fact is, dealing with it is really psychologically stressful. Before you decide to come out, please think twice. Don't regret after coming out. My two cents worth of advice. Good luck.

The Resurrected One,
Reszurrecdito M. d'Saintner

Friday, February 19, 2010

The boy who died a slow death - part 1

The sun was shining brightly early in the morning. It was one of the most beautiful days for Joe, and also one of the most blessed days he ever had. Joe would be a dad soon, as he was waiting outside for the good news. The doctor came out to break good news to him. The baby was a boy. Joe and Mary were overjoyed to have the first child, well, not to only mention they were very much excited at being new mum and dad too. The boy was named Samuel.

Time flied by quickly. Samuel was already 2 years old and he started to walk, even though he often crawled as toddler often did. Joe often labelled his son as "the lazy-bummy Sam who does not like to walk", to the amusement of Mary.

Sammy, as he was also affectionately called by his parents, often run around the house and made a lot of noise. He once pulled the dinner table cloth one evening and caused all the dishes to fall off the table together with the dishes in it. The boy got dirty all over and was given a good scolding and spanking from Mary. And she had to cook all over again. Naughty Little Sammy, that's what Mary called his son.

There was another time his dad had to run around the house behind his son, because his son would climb on just about anything near the fan and light switches to turn them on. Having done that, the little boy jumped off and ran into another room to switch on the other fans and lights. The frantic Joe had to run behind Sammy just to make sure he didn't hurt himself and to switch off the fans and lights in the rooms. The now 3-year-old boy really did give his parents hard time, but Joe and Mary didn't mind him being so active and so naughty.

But happy moments for them turned out to be very short indeed. Something unexpectedly bad happened one day. It was on a wet day.

Mary drove off in her 10 year-old car to the grocery shop at the nearby town by herself to buy some groceries, while Joe took turn that day to look after Sammy. An accident was about to happen. A black dog was running across the street all of a sudden. Mary was only driving at about 35 mph when she suddenly applied an emergency brake upon seeing the dog dashing out so suddenly.

To avoid hitting the dog, she swerved, but unfortunately the car skidded and hit a nearby tree with a loud thump. The impact was so great that her chest was pushed so violently to the steering wheel; her ribs punctured her left lung and her heart. She was rushed to the hospital but died on the way due to excessive internal bleeding.

The tragedy had changed the lives of Joe and Sammy forever. Sammy was still young, but he knew one thing, he would never be able to see his mom again. His mom had returned home to be with LORD God.

He would often cry "Where is my mummy? Where is my mummy?". Joe kept silent, mourning for the death of his beloved wife.

Months after the tragic death, Sammy began to develop movement problems and body weakness. For Joe, the tragedy hadn't ended just yet. It was only the beginning.

The Resurrected One,
Reszurrecdito M. d'Saintner

The Resurrection

They always say that blogging never dies out, and that is particularly true for me. Being a blogger who has written blogs over the time, and more often than not, things don't go my way, and I somewhat feel the incapability to write more after that. Maybe we just don't say incapability being the main culprit here, rather, I feel a little too troublesome having to go out to Starbucks and post GAY blogs like this, in public. All because I do not have a modem at home. Now that I have it, I am going to write as much as I can.

The Resurrection is somewhat an appropriate title for this blog, simply because I put "death" to it months ago, and now, it resurfaced to be read by all bloggers again. Nah, not really dead actually, well, you know bloggers like me has itchy hands and a lot of thoughts to be penned down, so here they are.

As I put up more posts, there will be more vibrant and interesting posts to be read. Than ever before. More imaginative than you ever thought of. It's always a way to express the author's thoughts throughout the world of intangible electronic webs.

As I said, get your gears ready, folks! We are going on HIGH SPEED!

The Resurrected One,
Reszurrecdito M. d'Saintner